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1st introduction of #innovaatiojuna – project #innovationtrain in English

Posted in Uncategorized by Irmeli Aro on tammikuu 2, 2010

I’m writing a series of blog posts in Finnish regarding an innovative project called #innovaatiojuna = #innovationtrain.

Here’s translation of the introduction page written in Finnish:

”What: Something new will be created. The process emerging during and after the trip will reveal what.

Where: In the train, in Oulu, in the web

When: On January 13, 2010 (Departure 6.30 am from Helsinki, Finland -> arrival 12.22 pm in Oulu, Finland. Return departure 5.40 pm from Oulu -> arrival 11.36 pm in Helsinki)

Logos CC #innovaatiojuna #innovationtrain are designed by Sesilia, 11 years old

#innovationtrain is a new kind of approach in order to combine social media networks, fresh points of views and face-to-face appointments. Why did we choose the train? –It is a metaphor of both interaction and collaboration between different geographical zones of Finland and moving forward. In addition to the symbolism the train works functionally on the level of mind and being social. It gathers focus. It breaks routines and keeps the mind in motion. The train is not only a way of travelling from Helsinki to Oulu – it’s also a mental journey. The end station of the journey is most probably something no-one of the participants was able to exactly perceive before the trip.

Participants of #innovationtrain represent a selection of professional branches. They are eager to collaborate. They have found each other through social media networks. #innovationtrain may seem like a community but that’s not the case. Majority of participants have not met each other face-to-face before.

#innovationtrain is an organizational experiment. It’s an attempt to tolerate diversity together – without a fixed target. It intends to bring together different wants, thoughts, observations, dialects or slang, humour. It’s a fragile attempt of balancing between influencing and being influenced: To reconsider and rethink! It’s a mental trip toward future. Learning can be crashing. Innovation can turn disastrous. Persons planning to participate #innovationtrain are able to stand this. We are talking about people who can with help of social networking tools exceed something no-one would be able accomplish alone. The geography of Finland with long distances has brought a unique dimension into being creative. That can be possessed during the #innovationtrain trip. We’ll be able to get in touch with different contexts – both on a geographical and thinking level. Helsinki centric thinking will be cut for a while. Summarized: #innovationtrain is about unlearning.

#innovationtrain trip and related collaboration and communication aim at strengthening Finnish open innovation and information society with help of social media and collective intelligence. The targets are:

  • experimenting how web-aided self-organizing works and what it produces
  • meeting web-friends and networkers face-to-face
  • experimenting realizing web-based massive events (e.g. webinars)
  • getting collective user experiences
  • experimenting different ways of innovating in a consensual way

Both during the train trip and in Oulu there will be space and time for self-organised agenda. #innovationtrain process has been going on from summer 2009. The idea emerged when people got acquainted through social web networks. The process continues after the train trip. The ambitious goal of #innovationtrain is to combine internet and mobile platforms into a functional whole. The whole collective development process has been (and currently continues to be) documented i Qaiku social media service. Link to Qaiku #innovationtrain channel (in Finnish):

Blog posts replying to questions who and how will follow. All your comments, suggestions, ideas and critique are most welcome!



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